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In order to obtain a complete picture of your health, Greenwood Wellness Clinic offers standard blood and urine testing and several unique testing options for patients. Several of these tests can be performed on site allowing for immediate interpretation of results.

Standard Laboratory Testing
Greenwood Wellness Clinic has access to most blood tests including cholesterol, blood sugar, various hormones and much more. Tests can also be ordered for urine, stool and hair analysis as appropriate. Simple onsite tests are available for glucose and cholesterol that involve a finger prick.

Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA)
BTA is a laboratory test that provides patients with valuable information about the underlying biochemistry of their bodies. This simple test analyzes small amounts of blood, urine and saliva. BTA analysis measures values called pH, redox and resistivity. This provides a great deal of information about the acidity and alkalinity of your body, whether the enzymes in your body are functioning properly, if digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals are occurring adequately and the function of certain organ systems.
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Darkfield Microscopy (Live Blood Cell Analysis)
In this simple in-office test a single drop of blood is viewed under a high power microscope. The shape, size, distribution and quality of the cells provides important information about vitamin and mineral deficiencies, immune status and certain organ function. The patient is able to view their own blood on a video monitor and observe changes before and after treatment.

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA)
The BIA test is a simple, non invasive, painless procedure. By using a non-detectable, safe, low level electric current, this test can show the ratio of lean muscle to fat, as well as other important indicators such as the amount of intra-cellular and extracellular water.


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